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Updated: Nov 24, 2022

A C N E - aka Acne Vulgaris - is a common skin condition, which happens when hair follicles and pores get blocked with oil and dead skin.

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aka Acne Vulgaris

Acne has a variety of complications.

To avoid these , avoid squeezing pimples or black heads as this leads to mark formation and scarring , making the condition much worse.

OTC [ over the counter ] products need to be avoided completely.

Avoid using steroid based creams as they add to the complications.

Wash your face twice or thrice daily, traditionally post a work out , removing make-up and before bed, ensuring that pores remain unblocked.


Again , avoid using OTC products

Consult your dermatologist for the right treatment , to avoid complications.

Basing on the severity Oral and Topical anti-biotics are given to the patient , along with some creams that reduce excessive oil secretion and related irritation.

Acne Scars:

Acne scars can be really troublesome as they severely compromise one's self esteem.

Treating Acne scars at home can be frustrating given the desired results being unseen, but with proper treatment from a dermatologist it is possible to definitely gain control over the same.

It is best to treat Acne at early stages, to prevent associated scar formation.


Due the outbreak of the corona virus over the past year, continuous wearing of the mandatory Mask over the nose and mouth has led to obstruction of pores and therefore , excessive Acne.

You can prevent this by following a good Skin care regime and by avoiding the usage of strong detergents to wash the Masks. Detergents can block pores.

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